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Start your own HaYesod study group and join us in our efforts to share the vital message of HaYesod about the Jewish foundation of Christianity. We suggest you learn more about the program by reviewing the Program Information and watching the Program Preview.

First Fruits of Zion does not have an "approval" process for leaders—essentially anyone can host a HaYesod Group. We rely on you to determine whether or not this program and its message is something you can honestly stand behind and work within.

We want to build a team of quality leaders who are governed by shared values, common theological perspectives, genuine integrity, and a dream of seeing the whole body of Messiah building on the Jewish foundation of our faith.

HaYesod may not be for everyone. After reviewing this website, you may decide that this program is not the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you identify with this message, prayerfully join us by using HaYesod to teach the nations and making disciples.

HaYesod DVD Packs

HaYesod is now available in several different packs, suitable for Individuals, Families, Small and Large groups.

  • HaYesod Individual pack: Suitable for individual study using the program DVDs. 
  • HaYesod Family pack: Suitable for a family using the program DVDs.
  • HaYesod Small Group pack: Suitable for hosting and facilitating a small group using the program DVDs and additional resources.
  • HaYesod To the Nations pack: Suitable for hosting and facilitating a large group using the program DVDs and additional resources.

You can expand each of the above packs by purchasing additional Student Workbooks and other resources, depending on the number of students in your group.


Individual Pack

The HaYesod Individual pack includes all the material to complete the HaYesod course on your own. Supplement your studies with any additional resources.

Family Pack

The HaYesod: Family pack includes all the material you need to start a HaYesod study in your family. (Add additional Student Workbooks to your order for more family members)

Small Group and To the Nations Packs

These packs, sold separately, include all the material you need to start a group with 4 students (Small Group) or 12 students (To the Nations pack). (Add additional Student Workbooks as needed.)


Recover the Cost of the Program!

HaYesod Packs start at only $215 (includes generous discounts)! This might sound like a large amount, but is really a small investment, considering you own the DVDs, and can continually host HaYesod Groups.

Depending on the size of your initial group, most of the direct cost of the program is immediately recoverable! By hosting students on a continual basis, and charging reasonable student fees, or simply charging for the Student Workbooks, you can recover all your costs.

We recommended a student fee of $35 per student, based on the Student Workbook price. When you order additional Student Workbooks in bulk, you can get up to 30% discount.

Starting a Group

Follow the steps outlined below to get started.

1. Purchase a HaYesod Pack

We have made several HaYesod packs available that you can purchase, depending on the size of the group you intend to host.

You can start with the basic HaYesod Individual pack, or HaYesod Family pack, and later purchase additional Student resources to expand, or you can purchase the HaYesod Small Group pack (suitable for 4 students), or To the Nations pack (suitable for 12 students), and expand from there.

2. Promote your HaYesod Study

We provide several resources for you to promote your HaYesod Study. Included in both the Small Group, and To the Nations packs, we have included a Promotion pack consisting of a sample of flyers, posters, postcards and other material to promote the program and get potential students interested. We provide additional promotional materials free of charge, depending on your need, if you wish to expand your outreach.

All these promotional items are available online for you to order at any time.

3. Prepare Yourself

After you have received your HaYesod pack, carefully review the Program. The HaYesod Leadership Guide is an invaluable tool for you as a group leader to starting, hosting, and facilitating a successful HaYesod study.

After you have gone through the material and familiarized yourself with the HaYesod program, you are ready to start.

4. Start your group

When you've gathered all your students, start by meeting each week, engaging with your students in an active study of God's word. Playing the HaYesod lessons, leading the discussions and working through the issues presented in the program will give you the opportunity to share the timeless truths of God's word.

Concluding the program

When you have completed the program with your students, you can keep all the resources, including the Program DVDs. There are no additional fees if you wish to start a new group, apart from re-ordering Student Workbooks for your new students.